An Innovative Auction Gallery uniting Wendy Carey's motto "teamwork makes the dream work" with her passions for creating art, helping others, and spreading the love around. 

Each monthly auction will be benefitting a different charity through Ebay Sell for a Cause.

A Goat Goes Swimming 

Why did I choose this piece to

auction off first?  Well, originally it was being made as a gift for a Capricorn who seemed to be dipping his toes back into things that he enjoyed in life.

And THEN.....one of his "old buddies" came into town and made fun of the Capricorns hair, so he cut it.

Then he started talking to the old buddy every day AND joined a local division of a religious group the old buddy was involved in.

The group told him he couldn't talk to me anymore. He gave me 2 months to move out.

He pretended I wasn't in the room and acted like he didn't see me, even in front of is his employees.

To me, it was really sad and I lived with it for those couple of months, patiently hoping he'd snap out of it, that being said, he didn't. 

As far as I could tell, it felt like this guy whom I got along with great, decided to take lessons on how to emotionally abuse someone.

I left shortly after he screamed at me and stuck his finger in my face while I was lying down on the couch, I flinched, as though he might hit me. 

Leaving halted my career and self-employment goals, and left me homeless.

 I ended up running a hostel that was more like a flophouse just to have room to sleep in (included as a perk in a job that paid so low I couldn't afford a place of my own.

I haven't had a real home since this occurred in 2017. I've been here there and everywhere just trying to make the dollars stretch. I'm not ashamed of it, I actually think I'm pretty darn amazing for being able to handle it AND still believe in my goals for myself. 

So it would be pretty poetic to me if the funds raised from auctioning off this piece were some of the first to rebuild my life and have a home gallery again. 


Lately, I've found myself asking myself how did I end up evolving into an artist and advocate for human beings.

Turns out, it's pretty much that I am sick and tired of men, particularly white men acting as they know better for other human beings, particularly women, need their permission, approval, 

My attitude and general response to all of that is basically.....that's cool.....shut the fuck up and get out of my way then.