• Wendy Carey

Kusari Doi (Rainchime)

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of spending the late morning and early afternoon at Secret Woods Nature Center finding inspiration and working on various projects with fellow artist Crystal Jaudon.

As we entered the park a long link of metal objects caught my attention, thinking perhaps it was some sort of wind chime I gave it a little push. Nothing spectacular or even somewhat interesting happened, the link swayed unremarkably.

A moment later I spied pebbles near by and with child like wonder ideas started forming. What if I drop these pebbles through this here thing? Will they go through, or will they get stuck? What sound, if any will it make? Am I disturbing this thing or using it inappropriately?

Innovation, creation in its purest, rawest moments flowed forth effortlessly as the pebbles passed through making a series of clinks. Just then, the door to a park building openned and an employee stepped out. Seeing my facination with with object began to tell us about it. Turns out the object is not a windchime, it is a Japanese rainchain, called a Kusari Doi. Beautiful, traditional and functional these rainchains serve a purpose to collect rainwater for household purposes. You can learn more about them at

Somewhere in the midst of my excitement I remembered that soundcloud has an instant recording feature, so I pulled out my phone placed it at the bottom of the rainchime and made my first official soundcloud recording. It might seem silly to you, to me, in the moment it was a whole lot of fun and expanded a lot of ideas I've had lingering and brewing for a long time.

I have a whole lot of friends and aquaintances who make music to thank for inspiring my first recording. Without having known you, been witness to your creative processes and performances I'm sure it never would have occured to me to try this and I might not even know about soundcloud without knowing you either. So if you make music of any variety and we are friends Thank You!!! Have a little listen to Kusari Koi, and it a little listen it is.....turned out to be 13 seconds. Not bad for a miscellaneous moment of inspiration and thinking....why not try?

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