• Wendy Carey

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So here you go folks, I have successfully put 2 items in my new upgraded store. I had hoped to add more than this by this time of day. Almost aborted mission due to frustration, went to store for #littledebbiesnack and #flaminghotchesterfries when I was getting frustrated, as I realize that when feeling frustrated I don't accomplish much of anything, better to take a break. Ate cold pasta from a plastic container, learned a whole lot about the online store ap, how to do things faster, smarter, wiser and that if I want to add sizes I must pay for an upgrade, after I added to T Shirt's to the available to purchase list, so had to delete them and not worry about the time invested time in adding them, all well such is life. The files and the knowledge of how to do it faster are ready for when the opportunity comes. Said no to helping out a friend while I smack dab in the middle of work, which is something I really dislike doing, however computer time is at a minimum so I had to put work first today or it will never get done. My old neighbor and good friend stopped by to visit for a bit and we went to the #dollartree, for my fruit smoothie ingredients and to try and replace my bubble gun,accidentally left behind at the Spirit of Sound Event last Saturday, they were out so I got a weird little bubble blower device that supposedly "blows a storm of tiny bubbles" as the packaging claims, I have not had time to try it yet. Did the dishes, fed the cat, checked the mail, and tidied up....a bit, took a picture of a rainbow and a did a few other miscellaneous things including take a shower. Anyhow that is the readers digest version of my day thus far, there's still 5 hours left, hopefully something fun happens next. Please take a moment to visit and come back to watch it grow.

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