• Wendy Carey

Cosmic Anonymous at FAT Village Art Walk

Artist, HIV and Aids and Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate Rosalia Curbelo and "Cosmic Anonymous" aka me, having a little fun in the moment at Fat Village Art Walk this past Saturday! Thankful for art, moments of silliness and stress relief!

My Spreading of Good Cheer Character "Cosmic Anonymous" started with a cat suit purchased from Kikimora Studio the desire to do something fun, different that encourages people to laugh, be silly, and participate in interactive painting experiments . I added a pink wig gifted to me by a friend at the Chocolate Hostel and heart shaped sunglasses,also gifted to me, by a friend with whom I've lost contact with, no hard feelings from this end, life is just like that sometimes and every time I wear the heart shaped glasses it's kind of like you are here in spirit! For everything there is a season. Thank you, you know who you are.

Photos Courtesy of URBNPLANR

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