• Wendy Carey

Once Upon A Time

Recently a friend has introduced me to the ABC television series Once Upon a Time and yes, I've gotten into it. As I've been watching I find thoughts and perspectives about the lives and circumstances of the characters passing through my head.

As my friend points out, it seems like all of the characters seem to be constantly falling in "love".

My friend also recently asked me a mysterious sort of question which went something like this.... "if you could spend a year being completely happy but would remember none of it, would you do it?"

Well somehow that question got entangled with the characters lives on the show in my head and I started to wonder, what is this love the characters are falling into? They all seem to have various reasons and situations that cause them to 'fall in love". What is it that they are falling into?

Perhaps the characters are falling into happiness, pleasure in sharing experiences, connectivity, learning opportunities, inspiration, the unexpected, the unusual, not what or where they expected the feelings to come from in their own big plan for there lives or in others plans for them. How does that saying go......Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans....?

Then the world, people, employers, friends crush their spirits by telling them they can't have those happy related feelings, that they are wrong, impossible, shameful or various other fearful perspectives often related to some previous expectation had by others for their lives. Whether It be the way they fell Into happy, a job they are supposed to do, who they were before the new person came into their lives, in short, other people projecting their expectations and judgments crushing the hopes and dreams of the very people they are supposed to care about.

I especially found myself feeling bad for the characters Nova the Pink Fairy and Dreamy the Dwarf, excited with the prospect of the whole world to experience and explore together in front of them but sadly didn't, as they believed they couldn't because others told them It wasn't possible, they had jobs to do, duties to perform, roles to play in other people's lives and they quit before they even tried. Who knows, maybe they would have been able to perform those jobs and duties in bigger and better ways out there in the big world away from the usual daily grind.

Dreamy had an extremely symbolic experience as when he returned to work after giving up his dream he broke his pick ax in a moment of frustration returning to work in the underground mine far away from the excitement of the world above him. He was given a new pick ax and his name changed to Grumpy, altering his spirit on an internal level, for how long remains to be seen.

The story line is a good analogy for pointing out that well intended people can be really good at destroying other peoples happiness and dreams by imposing their own fears upon them as took place for these two character in Once Upon a Time. What I find really interesting is they come back together in "present day" as the characters Astrid and Leroy in present day Storybrooke Maine. Perhaps they were supposed to break the mold and experience the world through each others eyes the first time around for some unknown period of time and had to come back together to try again, I suppose that remains to be seen.

I'm curious to see where this story line goes. I am hoping they get it together as Astrid and Leroy in their present day re-connection, I'm a bit of a dreamer myself and a fan of the underdog. Of course there are challenges to face, in present day Astrid is a Nun....ought to be a rash of judgments and perspectives coming for Astrid and Leroy to face, however Leroy went out of his way to sell all the candles to help Astrid accomplish a goal..........I wonder what will happen next!

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