• Wendy Carey

43 and Back to School

So, I'm in a new program funded by a grant which is the only thing making it possible for me to be a part of it at this time in my life. I've considered such things at different times in my life and either financial, time, or energetic resources we not available available as other situations took priority.

I'm 43 today and will be 44 tomorrow. I'm grateful for the opportunity and since I am a human being I'm a little nervous too. I have found myself giving my friends a reality tv show without the cameras analogy to answer their questions about what it is I'm participating in.

The program is broken into segments and as the segments end and begin some people will not be going forward in the program. Not really that much different than our day to day lives.

I'm perfectly ok whether I make it to the 7 month finishing line or whether I only get to participate through the 4 week boot camp. I figure I am learning and expanding myself in the process and no matter how long I'm in the program nothing will be lost and knowledge will be gained.

No harm, no foul, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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