• Wendy Carey

44 and the Homework Experience

I do lots of self homeschooling in the form of research on topics I find interesting and have had an influence on my life experiences and of those I care about.

Today is my 44th birthday and I am also doing homework. The homework is of a different variety as I have recently began a course to help me better learn how to run a business. I haven't done this kind of schooling in many years, its pushing me toward new things and I even see where it will help me in some of the special research areas of my life. Its a big picture kind of thing. It may be challenging at times, however I am grateful for the opportunity and the learning experience.

In other news, last night someone near and dear to my heart paid me a bit of a surprise pre-birthday visit and brought me a candle for my birthday. It was particularly special to me as it was the first time we had the opportunity to just sit and have uninterrupted conversation in quite a long time even though through our social and artistic circles our paths cross at various art and music events from time to time.

Today the candle is burning next to my little Positive Energy reminder piece by fellow artist Renda Writer to help me keep my spirit up and push through this mountain of homework!

Thank you for the positive influence. The little things mean the most.

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