• Wendy Carey

Rinse Wash Repeat

What is Love and why do we need it? The Million Dollar Question some might say.

Often I wonder is it actually the things that we often place under the word LOVE's

w i d e umbrella that are overlooked needs we actually crave?

Compassion, support, conversation, laughter, sharing meals, friendship, passion, human touch, other ordinary day to day experiences made more pleasurable by being shared, as we wind down from our individual busy days in the hustle and bustle of today's society.

Let's face it, as much as we may or may not love what we do, work is work and can be exhausting even If overall its satisfying.

With only a few hours in between the daily grind and the time we close our eyes and allow our bodies to sleep, rest, re- charge before getting up to do it all again, in a rinse, wash, repeat, fashion, I find myself wondering, are the moments time spent not actively trying to earn money, the most valuable moments of all?

I wonder when and If we humans let go of where we expect our happiness to come from and stop chasing our former expectations, hopes and dreams and focus on what Is right before our we then realize we actually already have the capacity to mostly have it all, right there in the present moment?

Let's face it, some characters and cast of our daily lives may seem to come and go with the tide, some may remain throughout our entire lifetime, bobbing with us In waves, being the calm In our storms, however as we are still living, that always remains to be seen.

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