• Wendy Carey

Audi Superbowl Commercial

I appreciated this commercial for a variety of reasons. The empowerment of girls and the father contemplating his daughters future and the possibility of her always being looked as as less important and less worthy than men really stood out to me.

Yes, the commercial's focus is on supporting equal pay regardless of gender, that being said, I feel much more is going on here.

The girl has drive, she has passion, she is intelligent and can build things like a soap box derby car, she has a commitment, to what she wants to accomplish, she has support of a father who not only stands by her desire to go after her dreams and goals, he also recognizes that it is significantly harder for her for one simple fact....she is a girl and even in a more progressive society there are sill enormous stereotypes that exist and society all to often equates value and intelligence based on income earned versus the challenges and obstacles some people have to over come to even be able to pursue goals and dreams in the first place, including the simple luck of the draw being born a girl.

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