• Wendy Carey

Everglades National Park

Here's the best of the best of hours and hours of uninterrupted of fun, relaxation, connecting with nature and learning a few things also.

We discovered that vultures like to get on cars in some areas and pick at the rubber seals around windows and doors. Turns out the park provides tarps to help protect your car as its become such a problem.

It would be easy to think gee what jerks those vultures led me to wondering if the vultures thought the same thing about us invading their space and in their own way were defending it.

We also learned that the small animal population raccoons, possums, and even many rats have almost completely disappeared, some birds and even alligators too, due to the invasive species the python being introduced to the everglades by people who bought them for pets, didn't fully understand what they were getting into, then dumped them in the everglades to rid themselves of their problem, sadly creating a larger problem for an already fragile ecosystem.

After seeing so many alligators and even having a little fun with them I decided to look up the symbolism of the Alligator. This is what I found.

Enjoy the Video!

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