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TedX Talk - How to Love and Be Loved

A Lazy Day

Yesterday I took a lazy day. I truly can not recall the last time I deliberately and intentionally took a lazy day. My goal was to just rest, to be still, to not think about much, to be one with the couch. Sounds easy right? Well not for me, I always have something to do, to get done, and truth is I got up about 100 times, ok, maybe not a hundred but it felt like it......and still I returned to the couch.

The lazy day became required as the previous week had been extremely challenging. I realized that I was becoming dangerously drained and set out to recharge my self. in little ways through out the week giving some renewed energy and love to myself. I did so Tuesday by attending the Magic of the Mind at the Center for Social Change in Miami, Wednesday morning meditation at Being U in Dania Beach with my friend Stephanie the owner of Stretching Designs. Thursday...oh where oh where did you go? Friday started out with making art and rounded out with Stephanie stopping by and an impromptu music and art combined afternoon blowing of much needed steam ensued. Saturday morning I hit the beach for sunrise, something I haven't done in ages.

As Sunday rolled around and I made the decision to do NOTHING that day for once in an exceptionally long time....the couch called my name and I decided to put something on the tv and try my hardest to tune out the outside world, household chores and list of things to do for my career.

Not wanting to even think to much I began scrolling through my youtube descriptions and found this:

How to love and be loved | Billy Ward | TEDxFoggyBottom

As I began listening to Billy Ward speak he made some analogies and references to lighthouses and disco balls that really got my attention. Lighthouses and disco balls have always had a little special place in my heart.

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