• Wendy Carey

Self Care Self Preservation

When I read this post from Global Light Minds the crankiness and frustrations I've faced in nearly all aspects of my life over the past couple weeks made perfect sense. They had to surface in order to be understood and dealt with. It also makes sense of my overwhelming desire to just STOP for a few from time to time, regardless of how much work I had to do to meditate, attend an interesting class, dance, blow off steam, sit in nature, all of which I've done, and at times was tempted to feel guilty for then I remembered........I MUST TAKE CARE Of MYSELF before I'm drained completely. There's nothing to share from an empty cup.

It began with Kava at KavaSutra on Monday, a nearly last minute decision to attend The Magic of the Mind at The Center for Social Change in Miami on Tuesday. Wednesday started the day with a group morning meditation

at Being U and lunch with friends at their home afterward. Thursday I went to the Chiropractor, at the Spine and Joint Center. Friday a friend stopped by and we ended up listening to music, dancing, joking and talking for a spontaneous afternoon. Friday night wasn't the prettiest and neither was Saturday morning so I carried on with self care and went to the beach for sunrise and then Reiki at New Age Books and Things. Sunday became a go get groceries and try to do absolutely nothing else kind of day to let everything else fully process. It certainly helped. Monday night, the Vernal Equinox Tequesta Drum Circle became the grand finale. My friend Stephanie, artist and chief entrepreneur at Stretching Designs was present for for several of the weeks activities and I am grateful and blessed for our new friendship!

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