• Wendy Carey

On Becoming Cosmic Anonymous

I've been exploring the culture on this planet this time around for some 44 years. I've gone through so many incarnations in this lifetime sometimes it feels like several. Lets start with last names to begin with, I've had 4, trust me at times its even confusing to me.

In chronological order there are the born with, changed to, married, divorced, married, divorced and stuck with names.

There have also been a fuck ton, ( yes I said Fuck ton) of different jobs too. Fast food worker, food server, bartender, blue berry raker, housekeeper and the weirdest of all, fish vaccinator. These could mostly fall under a Jeopardy category "what are jobs single moms do to support their children? Then one day I woke up and they were all gone. So I became a minimalist, artist and set out to build a small business doing something I love that would provide me true job security for maybe the first time in my life. The artist part surprised me to, apparently its some hidden secret in my DNA. Anyhoo..........

Artistically there have been a variety of incarnations as well. First was Wendy Wenderful, then I shortened it to Ms. Wenderful after I decided Wendy Wenderful was starting to sound too ridiculous...even for me. After awhile I did some quote unquote, more serious shows and started using my "stuck with" last name......briefly, before snapping back to reality. I mean why on Gods green Earth would I want to sign some guy's last name I haven't even seen in ages on my life's work?

So I started using my "born with" name, Carey.. For awhile I thought about starting all over again and completely re-branding myself as Cosmic Anonymous then I thought Fuck it.......everyone knows it me anyway. Lets just go with it as it it and leave well enough alone and concentrate on enjoying the ride going forward more!

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