• Wendy Carey

Is Talk Cheap....or Is It Valuable?

Random Self Thoughts this Morning.

If thoughts become things....does it help to have words to express them? Do the words have an energy, a moment, a place in the process to keep our brains focused? Does sharing our thoughts, ideas, concepts help connect us and drive us forward? I mean sometimes we all feel alone and that being said.....we never really do it alone we end up in a networ.of people who understand, relate to and I hope and believe mutually benefit from what we are trying to achieve.

We are a communal species and as I wrote those last couple words...communal species I randomly thought about a documentary I watched last night to try and relax myself enough to sleep ( lets just say the past couple weeks have been a bit topsy turvy at times...but heck....that's life right...) anyway...back to the was about wild life in Cambodia, and there was a bit on monkeys......and how social grooming is a huge part of their culture and survival...and since we may or may not have evolved from some species of affection the human form of social grooming that has stayed with us throughout our evolution and can we really survive or thrive without it?

Do actions speak louder than words? Do thoughts lead to words which lead to actions which actually show results and not say a thing all? Does our own excitement or lack there of affect the course of the action? Of course ithe sound of actions is a metaphor. Anyhow....random thoughts from a random artist preparing to head out the door and out of my box to do the next Daily Dance installment and hopefully spread some cheer and good energy in the process.

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