• Wendy Carey

Global Spirituality Night

Spiritual practices, rituals, philosophies have long been a subject of interest to me. I use a variety of text from various books related to spiritual practices and philosophies in my artwork as well as physics and astronomy text therefore I was eager to attend Global Spirituality Night at the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale with guest speaker Yehuda Goldfiner of the Kabbalah Center Miami.

I felt pleasantly surprised when I arrived ( a tad late) to a large gong and singing bowls on the stage, an opening meditation in progress. I choose to sit toward the back as to not disturb those in meditation even though part of me REALLY wanted to get as close to the front as able, to feel the vibrations of the instruments more intensely. I did get a little video of the meditation, you can see and hear it at

Mr. Goldfiner shared some perspectives that sparked my attention. He discussed bad things happening in the world are not necessarily because there are bad people in the world, perhaps part of it is that good people, of which there are many don't come together to do enough good together. I couldn't help but think, isn't that an intelligent perspective?

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