• Wendy Carey

Person Behind the Art

I began this journey with a desire and will to rise out of poverty and provide a unique and original product created by me and available at a price reasonable enough so that many people would feel they had an opportunity to buy it, unlike the fancy,expensive art world.

It arrived in the form of liquid light photography with the hopes of brightening peoples lives on the darkest of days and provide intellectual stimulation for those who feel compelled look a little deeper.

Tired of the seemingly endless and consistently exhausting struggle to barely survive and keep my head above water I did some basic math and figured that if I could get my online gallery selling 100 prints a month that would be about $900 in commissions, give or take of course. $900 doesn't sound like much to most people, however, for someone who has lived on practically nothing but the will to stay alive for the better part of the last decade it would seem like a million bucks.

Its been a hell of a ride the last 7 years, since this journey began. Happiness, struggle, pain, laughter, amazing experiences, trauma and love....... I could go on forever with all the details.....and perhaps I will tell some stories of those days in the future however right now I must focus on business and ending my struggle and build a sustainable income through my own business while also looking looking for work.

Please take a look and let me know if I can be of service. Staying true to my original dream of providing reasonably priced artwork for everyone you can order prints directly online from home, office or mobile and have it shipped straight to your door at

Thank you, Wendy Carey

305 917 3133

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