• Wendy Carey

Art Basel - Affordability for Artists

Sooo....its kind of a big deal to me that unique art be available to all human beings who appreciate and enjoy it at a variety of price points. No one should feel left out on simple pleasures in life because they don't have enough green pieces of paper, known as money. Hence I have prints available to everyone everywhere from just $27 at

This facebook post by Miami Artist Julian Kerr caught my attention! Julians work is currently available at Blu Egg Interiors and Jay Luiz Designs

"In reference to ART BASEL 2017 Dear Fellow Visual Artists & Friends, Applications for December Art Basel Shows are due now. Please look at the image I posted of a proposed agreement for Art Basel MB 2017. Please help me understand how this kind of agreement is in any way justified? - $2500 for 40 square feet of wall space. - 40% commission to the "gallery" for any sales on top of that fee. - No say in using your work for advertising PR for their benefitAnd the kicker: - They are not responsible for lost or damaged work!Please, I'm really trying to understand here.... What artist in their right mind would agree to this? How is this anything but throwing money into the pockets of pretention with low probability of any significant realized return? Please educate me."

Seen on Facebook Here:

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