• Wendy Carey

Weekly Gratitude and Appreciation Report

First things first, last weeks report didn't get written, still I had much of which to be grateful and appreciative. I expressed it to people directly with my words and my heart.

The thing that I am always the most apprecitative of and grateful for are the amazing friends I have and so many unique and different people I am aquainted with on a variety of levels.

I am grateful and happy I had a fb messenger conversation with 19 year old son.

I am grateful that I spent some time with my 28 year old on his birthday.

I am gateful I can handle stress and know how to maintain my energy.

I am grateful for privacy and nature.

I am grateful for friends who are really family.

I am grateful and blessed to have so many non judgemental people in my life and to recognize times when I fall into the judgement trap myself.

I am grateful for meditation music and spaces where I can "office".

I am grateful for those who make space for me to share stories, good times and laughter.

I am grateful to those I trust deeply, who listen, whether they want to or not.

I am grateful everyday is a new day to go forward with the best attitude possible.

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