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Dream vs Job = Dream Job = Work

Dream vs Job

Dream + Job = Dream Job = Work

There is a difference between a dream and a job. Some people have dreams. Some people have jobs.  Some people have one or the other and some people don't have either.  

Sometimes if you're really lucky they can combine together and become The Dream Job and there is a funny thing about a dream job....its not always fun and easy, it is still work.

It even harder if you're dream job happens to be earning a living through selling a product that you actually create......Art and Music for example.  People see the results from that and assume it is all fun.  It is fun times.......and it is hard.....really, really, hard sometimes.  Its not stuff from China that artists and musicians are peddling.....its the stuff from their heart, their soul, their own intelligence. 

 Unfortunately sometime the intelligence often goes un noticed because in today's society intelligence is often equated with how much money one earns. 

About 5 and a half years ago I started out with a not only a dream, but for me a potential solution to a life long struggle to makes ends meet.....and frankly I'm still in that struggle.  It's hard and embarrassing to even talk about, sometimes I feel stupid, like obviously I don't get it.....and there are plenty of people who will happily and with glee, be right there to remind me. 

Here I am, still looking for work and carrying on with my dream to provide reasonably priced Liguid Light Photography and earn a living. 

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