• Wendy Carey

Gratitude Report

Life's been a little busy to say the least lately. I"ve been putting a little more wear and tear on my body than I'm used, I'm a tough cookie but sometimes what can I say, I get worn out, overwhelmed, just like pretty much any person.

That being said.....I made it. Against what seemed like, at times I finally found a job, and not just any job, a cool one, with flexibility in scheduling that allows me to utilize my creativity while earning a steadier than I am used to paycheck. Thank God and Universe!

Its taken a weight off, it feels great. Dropping the worrying in my mind ....I gotta find a job....I gotta find a job.....I gotta find work....what if no one hires me will I pay....blah blah blah self talk.....chatter that had been going on in my head has freed up some space too and made me feel grateful to have moment to sit here and write a gratitude report for a minute inbetween this and that I'm working on.

And its funny, I just got the job and the area I live is under Hurricane Preparation conditions and I"m not thinking about money ....much.....friends, family, and friends who have become family, I care about are on my mind, where everyone will be, hopefully safe and protected through the storm. I am grateful for every single one of you. Thank you for being in my life.

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