• Wendy Carey

How Lucky am I?

Something I try to remember to think everyday is How Lucky am I?, Just now I thought how lucky am I to be sitting at work earning a living the day after what was expected to be a catastrophic hurricane? A week ago I didn't have a job now I'm sitting at the desk at the Chocolate Hostel. How blessed I am by the friends who put me up, by friends I"ve known for years, and family who checked in even if we don't talk everyday. How lucky an I to be employed after a long hot summer! What a crazy week to begin! How lucky am I to just jump in and begin?

Sure, some things are a mess, trees are down, in some places the power is out, there's some crankiness and confusion, there's laughter and humor, pretty much like any other day of the week, that being said, today there seems to be and added sense of relief in the air as people count blessings more than complaints.........or maybe its just me?

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