• Wendy Carey

Abraham Hicks - Seeing What Others Can't

Listening to this video by Abraham Hicks as part of my morning motivation positive attitude rise and shine morning ritual reminded me that once in awhile even those we love and love very much are on different discs as she speaks about in the video.

Self means something different to lots of people. In my own life I have often been observed (judged) by others for not being able to take care of myself. For me, it makes no difference. I clearly do take care of myself and have done so because obviously I'm here, even if I don't have as much stuff as some people. A lot of miscellaneous life situations of what many might call odd, extreme, led me up to my liberation from stuff and some people have even said that my lack of stuff and therefore expenses associated with stuff make a golden goose or unicorn or something.

Through them I have learned to save money. To stretch my dollars. I mean for real, did you know that you can buy 10-12 ounce bags of frozen fruit like strawberries, mangoes and blueberries for ONE DOLLAR at the dollar tree??

That's .083 cents an ounce. Now Publix sells frozen fruit also. Lets say the regular price there is $3.99 for a 16 ounce bag of the SAME fruit. Their price is .249 an ounce. That's .16 cents an ounce difference!!!

Now lets say I buy 6 bags a week, because fairly typically I do! I love smoothies! I call them liquid nutrition and find them a great way to get some vitamins down and energy flowing in the morning during my most productive part of the day, in which i don't want to waste anytime standing around cooking!

So anyway......

6 bags a week at the Dollar Tree - Weekly $6.00 Yearly $312 Yearly

6 bags a week at Publix - Weekly $23.94 Yearly $1244.88 Yearly.

Total Yearly Savings.......

If the Dollar Tree charged at the Publix price based on price, broken down by ounces the same bag of Fruit would cost $2.40

That's a damn great savings on just one grocery item! Its basic math and I figure the extra half hour or so spent going to the dollar store a week is worth it. If I broke it down to an hourly wage it would be around $11 bucks and hour, heck that's more than minimum wage these days.

Perhaps Abundance can be found in savings!

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