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Miscellaneous Random Thoughts

Recently I saw a question in a facebook group....why are so many light workers single? I didn't answer it or even read any of the responses yet the question has been lingering in my head and I 'm not sure I can answer, that being said, it provoked some other thoughts.

Random responses that have passed through my mind at particular intervals since reading it, when ever it was in the overwhelming blur of of life the past few weeks beginning with What is a Liqhtworker anyway?

To me, we are artists, musicians, innovators, inventors, scientists, teachers, independent business developers, owners, creators. We astronauts, mediation teachers, energy practitioners, often with the patience of saints, with ourselves and with others.

We have learned to do more with less which can be very confusing to the rest of society which attempts to change us by demanding we worker harder and get more when we are quite comfortable as we are, and actually, having less got us there in the first place.

Oh you have almost no bills? How can you possibly be happy? Go get some and show me how worthy you are?? Sounds a bit silly doesn't it?

We share, barter, and exchange. Just a few weeks ago I went to a clothes swapping party thrown by my friend Janet and watched about 12 women get a whole new wardrobe for free and donate the rest to those in need.

We practice the crafts of educating, inspiring, evoking feelings, compassion, free thinking, and inspiring. We explore ideas, stand alone or on the box, often are interested in holistic and natural things. Growing our own food, or going to farmers markets, supporting local and independent businesses, a grassroots listening to our own desire for a life of back to basics.

We dare to look in the mirror when things are going good.....or going wrong and say to ourselves....What am I doing different that is causing this negative feeling? What changed in my life, what new stessos are present and why? What toll are they taking on me? How can I fix them, what can I choose to do differently?

How can I improve the situation? We reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and upcycle. We care about the environment and what we are doing to nature, th earth and its resources. We care about what we are doing to our own bodies, our happiness, human spirit and humanity as a whole.

I could keep writing but if I do....I'll never get out the door. So off I go.

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