• Wendy Carey

Morning Motivation

Positive Self Talk.......Because sometime I need it. Sometimes I wake up and am like...ok......I can do this, its alright, everything will be fine, its totally ok if some people act like they hate me, its ok if I am bitchy sometimes, yep sometimes I snap on occasion after all, I am a human being.

I got this, I know some people will project some bullshit at me today and i am sure I've done tit to others in the past before but today I'm just going to let it pass right through or shut it the fuck down by yelling, if I have to. I hate that part...but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta to to get back to business and her happy place.

I took a walk around the garden as a reminder that oh yeah, things have been getting better, things are falling into place, we're building a more positive team, we are getting over hurdles one by one and those hurdles are getting smaller. Things look nicer and FEEL nicer..... That's a nice feeling. Most of the people who see the prototype room are inspired, complimentary and encouraging and that's a pretty good thing. Thank you for boosting my confidence, it means a lot, because you know, I'm human, so I get nervous too.

I had a great time at my friend Olga's Kikimora Studio Fashion Show yesterday. It was fabulous seeing her smiling ear to ear, beaming and glowing with all those who came for the fist time ever to see her creations and surrounded by those who have worn them. Even the air conditioning couldn't keep up with all the love in the room.

Well, I've got to start thinking about opening the office so I'll leave you this Abraham Hicks that eased me into a more positive thought process for today.

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