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How I Stopped Giving A Fuck

How I Stopped Giving a Fuck - First of all I stopped giving fucks about 7 years ago but gives us reminders doesn't it?

I gave up any idea that I am or can be whatever is known as PERFECT. This was fairly easy to do once I realized that NO MATTER WHAT I do, say, think, no matter how much I accomplish, make due with or without, sacrifice, say yes to taking on, helping with, to the point that I forget that I am entitled to some happiness.....SOME people will always think or say that I am any of the following things I've been called favorite one was thief....

Here's the story behind that......some "God Bless You" Dude, and I mean the type that says it when they think YOU need it, because you know they are obviously better than you and more worthy in the eyes of the Lord because of some story they have told themselves about you in their fucking head, and obviously its easier to hate you for no apparent reason so they try and convicted you in their head before giving any time at all to receive any answers to any questions what so ever..about where some I presume potentially HOLY IPAD they are seeking as if it were some kind of fucking holy grail happens to be over the weekend.

WHY did he accuse me of stealing it....well because sometimes here the phone doesn't get answered, and sometimes when you stalk the employee down on facebook on her precious days AWAY, which, by the way, IS CREEPY AS FUCK, and the actual problem is the IPAD YOU left behind is in the fucking couch under a pillow and no one noticed until two nice guests turned it IN to the office coincidentally enough, into the hands of the person you were stalking on facebook and accusing of stealing the stupid fucking thing, was back in the office. ...the same person who had NO fucking idea why anyone wasn't answering the phone on the weekend because DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....she wan't there and doesn't hang out on the fucking internet 24/7 just waiting for douche bags like you to stalk her and shit....I am not actually at your beck and fucking call, and actually had the IPAD returned to ME by the guests checking out of the room you were in the day I returned AND IMMEDIATELY let you know.

Did you say sorry to me......not really....and thanks for putting my name in a review on a booking website douche I suppose I'll just to ahead and immortalize you here as well being equal opportunity and all.

Which reminds me....there were two dip shits last Friday night, which happened to be my daughters LAST night visiting, as well. I told them sorry can't help you when they wanted a place after closing. I told them they could knock on the office door and see if there was help, but MY DAUGHTER gets all of my attention now, sorry but its not actually my problem that you left her around 10 am and just got back now.....YOU KNOW we close at nine, this is not your first rodeo and we have been helping you out a lot, and SHE IS MY PRIORITY RIGHT NOW not YOU!!

So .then of course they reminded me they left their stuff in the office....for me to damn it.....went and got it and gave it to them and walked off.....well lo and fucking behold.....the next morning completely sleep deprived as to spend every possible last second with my daughter and her half brothers I stayed up until 2 something am, and got up at 4:30 to take her to the airport. Lets just say it was emotional....cause you know..I am actually human.........came back, kind of slept for an hour, GOT BACK UP, opened the office promptly at nine, and then started getting harassing phone calls from the fucking dip shits threatening to call the police cause I stole my phone and I"m nothing but a whore....blah, blah, blah..........really then. OK.

My mind is fucking sleep deprived and my body isn't exactly firing with much coordination, so I go wake up my sleeping 28 year old son wand gotta come down here....remember those two idiots from last night? They are making problems and I don't know if they are going to show up or what so I need you by the office. So you know, he came right down, not with bells on exactly but he came down, he knows me well enough to know I generally don't ask for help unless I actually REALLY need it. Then he went and checked the room they checked out of, where I was kind enough to slide them in, even though we'd thrown them out another time, because it happened to be empty.......and that particular room is usually a FEMALE dorm.

Well anyway........Turns out their damn phone was on the fucking counter in there. Yep sure was. I told my son....well just leave it right fucking there. So we did. Like I gave a single fuck. Turns out a day or two later a guest for that room did arrive and turned the phone into my Yoga Instructor friend who also finds herself having to put up with ridiculous foolishness from time to time as well. I have no idea if they know their phone has been turned in or not, and nor do I care.

And while I'm on the topic.....I've been called a lot of these things in my life......

a bitch, whore, slut, liar, thief, cheat, dead beat mother, nicotine addict, mega bitch, wildly inappropriate to some, if not many, direct, blunt,drunk, lazy, over emotional, or whatever else have you.....and I am totally fucking ok anyway.

I've also been called a lot of GREAT things.....kind, compassionate, caring, considerate, helpful, talented, funny, intelligent, well spoken........I'd go on....but you get the idea. anyway........Its totally OK.......THANK YOU just the same like attracts like and love attracts and hate repels so I'm pretty damn fucking ok with that too.

There fore I choose to surround myself with people who bring the most HAPPINESS into my LIFE and walk away from those who seem to just go out of their way to have zero happiness for themselves or anyone else...both on and off the job and freak the fuck out whenever I have the audacity to come out of my place of center once in a great while....usually after taking a ridiculous amount of bullshit and be a damn bitch for 30 fucking seconds. Everyone,s got their damn boiling point, I mean I'm only human...what the fuck do you want? A robot?

You'd be a lot longer counting the times I didn't flip my shit then the ones that I did....but you know....some people only focus on the negative.

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