• Wendy Carey

Days Inn Sun-Tern Transformation

Abstract uses of light in photography for over 7 years and a body of work absolutely fantastic for your hotels!! Bright, inspirational, and cheery, whats not to love? I am the perfect person to shine the light and share positive perspectives of Days Inn and my work is nothing you've ever seen before! Take a Look at Liquid Light Photography to my creations in water, light, and reflections. Pick me, you won't be disappointed! My marketability even includes the potential for a phenomenal story about recreating one's self with a positive outlook toward future potential in the face of adversity!

Transformation - Photography 2017

Thank you for your kind consideration and creativity,

Wendy Figg


Wendy Carey (birth name)

Ms. Wenderful - what friends call me for my positive attitude!


All my social media can be found on my website at:

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