• Wendy Carey

Scary and Awesome at the SAME Time!

Back in January I had the opportunity to go see The Killers in Concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

It was Kind of a BIG DEAL!

First of all, I LOVE their song All These Things That I Have Done!

It makes me think about and reflect upon my life! The good experiences, the not so good experiences, the things I might be tempted to wish I hadn't done, and the things I might like to do again!

It's reconciling the past through one heck of an empowering song to me!

I am pretty darn happy with who I AM!

Now for what was scary! My friend Amanda and I were in the super high "nosebleed" seats! I had never been there before and had not taken into consideration that there might be a sensitive to heights and fear well that a big way! My heart started racing, and I told Amanda We have to go back down !!

So we did. She was awesome. We hung out in the very sturdy hallways below until more people came and filled the seats making me feel less likely to fall to the floor below.

Every single heart racing second was worth it when I heard them begin to play All These Things I've of my all time favorite anthems.

Next time....I'll be on the floor...dancing!

Thank you Amanda and Thank you the Killers for all the things you do!

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