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Beginning Summer in Maine

Hmmm, so how did I get here? An interesting combination of events is the simplified way to say:

Well, my friend Anne a friend from high school came to visit a few months back, I'd love to tell you exactly when but that being said I don't remember, frankly a heck of a lot of life has transpired since then some of it quite stressful and overwhelming which basically screws up my thought processes.

Anyway, Her and her husband Steve are travelling artists and picked me up from The Chocolate Hostel, which I was living at and working in the office for the time being, brought me flowers and soap from Waldoboro, Maine.and invited me out to lunch at the Pirate Republic. I joked with her today that I had been bathing in soap from Waldoboro so it makes perfect sense that I might end up here for summer! hahaha

Anyhow, lots of people thought I owned the Chocolate, rest assured, that is not the case. The owner and I were not nearly on the same frequency, which became quite clear recently when he informed me I was a negative person, like the second time I ever met him, after working for him for 9 months.

Whatever, Its all good and I have mad love for the place and am doing what I can to help the remaining office staff fill the place with Positive People for the summer from a distance while I focus my energy on my life and my photography business! .

Commerical Break

If you happen by Fort Lauderdale look up the Chocolate at 506 SE 16th St, Fort Lauderdale 33316 and tell them Wendy sent you. Feel free to check out my art on display in apartments 11, 12, 9, 8 and 3 as well as the work in progress and Mural on display in #9 my residence recently vacated There is a painting I did behind the desk in the office for your enjoyment also!

Back to Regularly Schedule Writing

I'd been planning a summer sabbatical and had been trying to decide where to go, options I was considering were northern Florida and Arkansas to immerse myself in nature because frankly the city and cement were sucking the life right out of this Earthy Virgo sooooo... the Universe, God, Allah, Peter Pan and/or the Wizard of Oz (insert any unseen energetic force you like here) or perhaps my own energy and thought processes might have it, Jamie, another friend from Maine, owner and operator of Union Stone was spontaneously visiting Florida before his hard core summer season of work kicked in and, after visiting friends on the west coast of Florida, traveled over to the east coast to see friends including me!

He happened to have pretty much all the answers with him, a trailer and a 4 story factory with rustic camping like accommodations as a viable living situation suggestion and since my oldest son Chris was also wanting to get away from the city and find work that he likes heavy equipment, manual labor and the like......upon his invitation we loaded up and went!

Now we are here at the button factory in the company of Bobo Hachmeister hands on owner, one heck of a neat man and artist. Thank you for having us Bobo! So far it is a very enjoyable experience! Thank you very much.

Dear Readers take a few minutes to "meet" Bobo Here:

So, in a nutshell, rambling sort of way...that's how I arrived here among the wooden floors, windows with a view and plenty of fresh air!

Thanks for reading, please feel share out there in social media land its the best free advertising a girl can get!

Thank you! Be Blessed!

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