• Wendy Carey

A Walk in the Tree Tops

For me, it doesn't really matter to me how another believes that human came to be on this planet, Created in the belief that God created humans, evolution, or beamed down by aliens, whatever floats your boat, you know?

One thing I do think about is that whenever humans emerged the planet was a quieter place. There was no infrastructure, no mechanical gadgets, no cars, trains, planes. There were no sky scrapers, loud man made noises whatsoever.

So, has the introduction of such things affected the way humans function? I mean on the core level, I mean at the foundation of who and what we were originally. Hunters and Gatherers. Have communal and tribal urges and instincts that connect us to one another gone way side in favor of and endless chase to be bigger and better.....than what exactly?

Please Press Play Below for a Walk in the Tree Tops!

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