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Family Reunion

Earlier this year, in the hour of the eclipse on January 31, 2018 I took to the air via southwest airlines (which by the way is my favorite airline so far, one price, 2 bags, no games) to see my daughter who I hadn't seen in 12 years.

Excited and nervous as heck ought to cover it. I know you probably have a million questions and probably some judgement about what the heck happened there right?

Well it is what it is and the best part is....we are both really OK with it. Does it mean everything is perfect? Does it mean that we didn't miss each other over the years? Of course not.....but rather than stumble around in all that we are striving to take it as it comes and celebrate our reconnecting and building a new relationship one day at a time.

Things I've noticed that she seems to have inherited from my side of the family....well a flair for creativity, and a heck of a sense of humor which did us all some good because in May she came to Florida to visit me and reunite with her two older half brothers aged 28 & 26 who also enjoy a sense of humor and great attitudes also!

The photo below is the night her brother Nick who she thought she wasn't going to get to see until the next day decided to surprise her instead!

This next one is when we all went out on The Spirit of Lauderdale, which by the way, Nick happens to be a Captain on, so if you happen to be in Fort Lauderdale and see Nick on "The Spirit" please tell him his Mom says Hi and would love him to come visit in Maine this summer! The girl in the middle, that's Anneka and the ZZ Top looking guy over her shoulder is her brother, my son Chris who's the kind of guy who rescues kittens in the middle of the night, plays the role of body guard as needed and absolutely loves working with his hands and using his mind. My son Collin (not pictured) is living in Texas presently and we are a little further from "being on the same page" at the moment, and its understandable, life is like that and things will come together. That being said, I am proud of him just same because from what I understand, he opted to stay in Texas this past winter to help his grandparents during a challenging time and that's a pretty great thing to do for friends and family in my book!

This is a little video I made earlier today now that I am taking some time to focus on myself and my artist career up in the area I grew up in Maine thinking about hiring my daughter as a summer assistant!

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