• Wendy Carey

Morning After the 6th Night

I arrived last Thursday, May 24th in the early afternoon. Nearly delirious with sleep deprivation combined with the pure giddiness of being around so much fresh air, nature and getting out of the truck without having to get back in for awhile

Nearly delirious with sleep deprivation, the pure giddiness of having arrived and being freed to explore I somehow stayed up until 8pm after being on the go for 36 hours straight. I recall we ate some food at Narrows Tavern that afternoon. It was only like 4:30 PM but to me it felt like my brain was total mush and time was pretty much irrelevant. Oh and just so you know, turns out they have a disco ball in there,

I must confess I was kind of surprised, but then again, I wasn't. Lighthouses and Disco Balls seem to intersect with my life fairly regularly in life. Its just one of those things I guess.

The lighthouse photos pictured here are at Briny's Irish Pub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where my wonderful friend Alison and I had lunch the day before my son and friend Jamie of Union Stone

Union Stone

headed up here for summer!

I noticed something interesting about myself the next morning. I woke up with my brain going about 4000 miles a minute, not that I have any way to measure that, its just a thing...a moment, a was about 8 AM and my brain was like...OK Goooooo! I was putting together a giant to do list, planning the execution of it, and suddenly I realized.....I was functioning on city vibrations, my head was still all cluttered with the sound and vibrations of traffic, of over stimulation of constant noise, sound, and over all energy my body was constantly processing through the senses, whether I was consciously aware of it or not amid the hustle and bustle of living near a busy intersection that frankly, at time, nearly did my head in!

Recognizing this I remembered...Whoa.....slow the fuck down. That's what you came here I went back upstairs, sat down on my luxurious bed, laid down, closed my eyes and began to tune into my new calmer more peaceful surroundings over all choosing to be Gentle with Myself.

"Be Gentle With Yourself" in a Private Collection

The slow and steady feel in the air, green everywhere, birds chirping and cawing, flowers in a variety of colors and oh my gosh....sooooo many trees that just absolutely make it FEEL different in so many way, I'd even bet there is more oxygen in the air here.

All in all this morning of the 6th day, I am extremely pleased with my decision and my accomplishments since arriving. I feel more like myself than I have in ages!! Thank you for reading, my miscellaneous ramblings! If you enjoy, please feel free to share!


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