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Summer Goals

Just me, having first cup of coffee by the river, easing into the day, wearing whatever I rolled out of bed in plus this flannel shirt my friend Dustin gave me awhile back, which is serving well against the morning play then read more below.

Obtaining a Self Sustaining Future

In addition to creating my product, mixed media art, nature and liquid light photography, I have another dream goal, to build it into a sustainable business offering work at a variety of price points because straight up, I believe art should be obtainable by everyone not just the fancy car driving, so called, Elite. Some, who for some, somewhat apparent reason, seem to think a variety of fairly incorrect example being, everyone else wants to be like them (nope not me).

Anyway... The first step I took toward this dream goal was to build a store on imagekind. All is cost me was TIME! And I had plenty of it because well, I'd rather be doing something productive with my time than sitting around watching tv. So that being said......

I have a couple galleries on imagekind. Liquid Light and Created by Nature. Each gallery is open to the general public and prints start at $27. You can upgrade to canvas or a framed piece also. Each order is custom printed by them on my behalf and shipped directly to your door. Pretty darn great for an artist with no capital to invest on building a business. My attitude here...the sky's unlimited, that being said, I'd like to see the galleries start selling 100 pieces a month. So, how can you help?

Please consider being a Volunteer Member of my Grassroots Marketing Team. How do you do that?

Please go to and select one of my photographs and share it on social media. Say what you like about it, say what you don't like about it, say whatever you want! Post it in your local community pages and websites. Whatever floats your boat, it would sure help me out a lot. If I am understanding it will help improve my search results on the almighty and all knowing google, something about algorythms and pings and stuff I can kind of wrap my mind around a little, overall I rely on good friends more knowledgeable in such things to fill me in this and that which can be done to help me further my goals.

My friends and families faith and belief in my ability to accomplish this goal means more than I could ever begin to imagine to write words for, its more measured in smiles, hugs and warm hearts and encouraging moments as required in life's more awkward moments.

More ways to support my quest:

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