• Wendy Carey

Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

First of all, it's really, really hard to put myself out there.

I am fairly reclusive. I enjoy working independently and do much better in small groups than being in a large crowd. It takes all I've got to march up on stage as I have a few times and open my mouth and let it be what its going to be and I just don't see any reason to force myself to either.

Lots of people suggest i write a book about my life. I think about it, sometimes I feel like I should and sometimes I feel like I shouldn't. Maybe I'd work with a ghost writer who allowed me creative control and veto ability to shape it. Maybe not. You see, the thing is, it is not just my story. It's my mothers story, my siblings, my dad, my children's story, and you see their feelings are important to me, life is and has been hard enough at times, I'm not trying to make it more difficult for anyone.

Its the story of a man who more than likely doesn't even know I exist, and a man who thought he might have been related to me, turns out he isn't but we get along great as friends.

Subtle Essence of Spirit Within Me

Its the story of 2 marriages, 2 divorces, and a couple of adoptions, absent fathers, a handful of boyfriends, all of the things that have shaped me as a human being whose thought processes and feelings have evolved, grown and changed over 4.5 decades of living on this planet and yet spirit has remained very much the same.

Over all its a story of LOVE and people making the best possible decisions they could with the information available at the time, occasionally perceived as drama, because you know, that seems to be what much of society feeds on these days. The "right" the "wrong" the need to feel justified and/or vindicated, are you serious?? Whatever! Really, doesn't that giving or seeking of approval just get in the way of OUR own enjoyment of life? What if we just focused on things to be happy about instead?

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