• Wendy Carey

Pink Plot Twist - One Thing Leads to Another

Recently I thought what the heck, and I put an ad on craigslist with the headline Summer in Maine! Ascending Life Force!

One Mr. Winthrop Smith, Trustee and Program Manager, of EGR Writers House in Augusta, Maine reached out and told me about one of the works of

Larry Stanton on display at Framemakers in Waterville, Maine.

He also sent me this intriguing trailer Thunder Everyday (Sizzle Reel) about the freedom to express ones self in the 1970's primarily focused on coming out as being gay. So I thought I'd just pass it on to all of you. You can find out more at and perhaps help this project gain some momentum.

The trailer includes Arthur Lambert, a business man, Henry Geldzahler, who was the first curator of the 20th Century Collection at the Metropolitan Art Museum, and artist David Hockney. I think I have a variety of friends who will appreciate this and can relate on a first hand basis.

Love is Love.

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Thank you.

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