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A Goat Goes Swimming

This was featured in the Be Yourself Show at The Great Project in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

This is a piece that as I contemplate putting it out for sale today, I have to confess, I'm having a hard time.

You see its a piece of art but its also a story from my life. I made it for this guy that for awhile was my best boyfriend ever, and its really hard....because I still miss him every day and I know its not cool to say that, I know I am supposed to be tough and play games, Like pretend I don't feel, and pretend I don't care when I do very much, its hard to give any sort of words to things and people that we care about who just FEEL right.

I made it for him as a gift. I incorporated a tree because he likes to be the commander of those. You'd have to know us in our private life to get that little inside joke.

There's Saturn because his zodiac sign is Capricorn which is associated with the goat. Goats can kind of be stubborn sometimes so this piece is called a Goat Goes Swimming to symbolize stepping into a new kind of life one where goats are transformed into magical unicorns who work hard and also put happiness on their schedule, because you know, it makes all the work a little more worth it.

Its hard to put stuff out there, particularly in this day and age, but you know fuck it, I don't regret it at all.

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Bid on a Goat Goes Swimming on eBay until Friday June 29, 2018

Its kind of stupid pretending all of your previous life didn't happen, and at times completely exhausting and trust me there are a few people out there who'd like to pretend I don't exist so you know what? Whatever.

Here is a short video that will allow you to see the way the colors in the paint shift in accordance to the way the light reflects off off it.

The little mirror in the middle is from a Disco Ball that sits poolside at the Chocolate Hostel in Fort Lauderdale Florida. And by the way, after about 7 years of wondering, turns out it floats.

Here's a longer video that I made during a spontaneous live broadcast on Youtube if you want to look at it or something, feel free.

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