• Wendy Carey

Meet My High School Biology Teacher

Recently I attended an open house at Reiki of Union. Something pretty interesting happened. I ran into my high school biology teacher.

In our chance, or not so chance, meeting, depending on whether you believe in serendipitous things, I experienced a rather profound moment.

I realized how much this introduction to Biological Science shaped much of my life and even my artistic career. This is who helped me recognize that I had a different set of "operating codes" than other members of my half siblings who split the codes 50/50 while I only carried 50% of 1 we shared and 50% unknown.

It helped me understand a few things including feeling misunderstood. It also helped shape the way I look at a situation that involves potentially emotionally confusing stuff.

It's helped me understand why sometimes, some people, no matter how deeply they loved me our minds are wired differently, plain and simple, its science not personal, and can create what looks like emotional confusion.

At times its helped me reconcile when my mind and body couldn't quite have the same conversation. In situations where natural biological responses to certain situations, involving the onset of adrenaline and they way it affects my personal system I turned to science for answers. Did you know people react differently to the sudden onset adrenaline released into the body system? Its a part of why its called fight or flight.

Its helped me understand that no matter how much someone else tells me that I need to change something about myself, do something differently, I may not be able to no matter how hard I try because it may indeed be an absolutely hardwired inherited trait that I can't change, and there is no one to compare it to, as in " she gets that from so-and-so" because 50% of my inherited so-and-so is simply unavailable for observation. Its really not a big deal to me, although I do see where it could benefit ME from time to time in seeing "where I get that from".

additionally, it might help other people who care might want me to do it "their way" ( more like they do) maybe I just can't change any more than tI can change the the color of my eyes, which perhaps comes from the "invisible side" of my DNA.

It's something that made me look differently when considering possible adoptive parents for a baby I was carrying. I looked at THING IN COMMON that would emotionally benefit my child, where he could FIT in as best he could, and feel there were commonalities, as I felt that was much more important than finances or what people owned or "could provide" . I felt he needed to be with people with the capacity to understand him much more than have stuff and material things.

So yes, biology and science has profoundly shaped my life and in my own thought process and feelings, made the best decisions I could based on the research available, particularly, empiricism, the very thing that has showed me that, also for me, is it the people who love you that matter, whether biologically related or not.

And Ultimately, Biology is the first brick, in a foundation of sciences on which my artist statement shaped itself over time.

"Versatile Creative Human.

Exploring science, humanitarian principles, morality, and her own life experiences through her camera lens, and hand painted mixed media works the artist has developed a style she refers to as Cosmic Surrealism. Her works remind us that although we often think of the Universe as being anywhere outside of Earth's atmosphere we are actually living parts of it where ever we are right this very moment."

And how can I feel anything but happy to be who I am?

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