• Wendy Carey

Burger King to King Kitty of the Button Factory

George came to us by way of a Burger King parking lot in Fort Lauderdale. My son found him at about 4 weeks old.  His adventure cat story began. Now he's living the free reign kitty life, with 4 floors and two wings to patrol and a plethora of nature to explore. 

My son call him Streets as thats where he was rescued and is somewhat, irritated that I call him George. He is George the Explorer, Curious George, King George of the Button Factory, and even George the Annoying in the middle of the night when he ever so persistently, burrows heat seeking missle style, nose first,  under the covers, desprate to find some of my exposed skin upon which to suckle, repeatedly no matter how many times he's removed from the bed. 

 Honestly before he started going outside by himself sometimes I thought I was going to lose my mind and thought about finding him a home with another cat considering he'd lost his mom before he was weaned I thought another cat might benefit him more than humans could. 

Turns out all are adjusting well. He's exceptionally curious about his environment, can often be found sitting in nature or climbing up on different things. He even helped Point out a Monarch butterfly trapped between the windows by attempting to lunge at it like the smooth panther he believes he is inside. From where I sat it looked like he was throwing himself at a wall. Lol. 

So I rescued the Monarch from between the windows, cupped her gently between my hands and released her out the front door. 

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