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My Dream, My Goal, My WHY!!!

My DREAM, My GOAL, My Business Plan for overcoming financial obstacles and being able to see my children more and have a home of my own.

I don't want a handout, I would really like a hand up.

I singled parented my two oldest sons while also paying child support to my ex-husband for our two children together he got custody of when we divorced in 2000, while also qualifying for food stamps most my life. I did not choose for my exhusband to take custody. It was the absolute worst day in my life when I opened an envelope I anticipated being information about my court date for the divorce to find I was holding my final divorce in my hands with custody of our children given to him.

I made some tough choices, like choosing to do more with less so that the oldest two had a mother home to raise them instead of working 24 hours a day and not being an absent mother to them, even though they lived with me and were my responsibility to love and teach as best I could, how to navigate into adulthood.

I believe I did remarkably well in spite of my circumstances with the help, love, compassion, and support of friends that have become like family, picking me up in the moments I fall, dusting me off, providing a shoulder or a temporary spot until I could find my footing and build inertia again. Let's just say, when you live precariously on the edge, no matter how positive one is, a ripple that would go largely unnoticed by those with more resources can temporarily capsize a ship. I am proud of all of my children, all of them.

My oldest has just found his dream job, my 2nd oldest served for 4 years in the United States Marines, and now has his boat captains licence and now has an amazing job in his chosen field, for the Spirit of Fort Lauderdale.

My daughter recently turned 21 and is in throws of young adulthood and rediscovering parts of her early years and building new relationships.

My 20 year old is living in Texas, from what I understand, helping his grandmother. We are not as close as I might wish at this time, but I respect his space and his choices and fully understand that sometimes things quite simply take time or as much as we might like, may never happen at all.

My son and daughter whom I have paid child support for on, and yes, off again at times because I just didn't have the resources are now 20 and 21 respectively. My daughter has made the decision to reunite with myself and her half-brothers after 12 years. It took most of what I had to make it happen, I would have paid a million dollars if I had those kinds of resources available.

What I would like more than anything is to see my Liquid Light and Nature Photography store on Imagekind start selling 300 units a month.

I began building it as a potential way up and out of the ridiculous circle of barely scraping by to scrambling for basic necessities lifestyle that I have also had to make peace with, no matter many other people tell me I need to get the things I simply can't afford, first, some examples being a house and a car the math of my life just doesn't work that way.

Photo by Teajay Photo

So I have this amazing tool, a gallery on Imagekind, people can select a print, a framed print, which they can choose the matting and frame for it themselves or a canvas. All 3 choices can be made in a variety of sizes. I think my store is an amazing tool for interior designers and home staging as there are a wide variety of bright abstract works and some interesting perspectives of nature as well as seen in the sampling below.

I have all the faith in the world that my years of hard work, of having to step back just to survive for a minute has the capacity to become a thriving business if it should happen to get seen by the right eyes, which to me, are anyone who might like to enjoy some Ms. Wenderful art.

I appreciate that through Imagekind I can offer prints from just $27 dollars because it is also important to me that art be accessible to everyone, not just the ultra rich, can give me the luxury of being able to afford to pay the back child support owed my ex-husband have my children come visit on a more regular basis which is to me the most important thing.

Thank you.

Wendy Figg

Artist Name Wendy Carey - the name I was born with.

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