• Wendy Carey

250 Feet Below the Surface

Back in September my friend Jamie and I took took a day off just for adventure and began our trek to Cosmic Caverns in Berryville Arkansas. Across the country, over the hills, rivers and through the woods we went here in the Bible Belt some people refer to as Gods Country.

I suppose it is God land in the sense that is mostly, actual nature. Trees, forests, birds, bees, fields, upon fields of hay rolled up into giant round bales to feed the animals and perhaps provide them warmth in the cold winter months, farms with cows, silos, the hills of the Ozarks meet the sky and go on for miles and miles with no towering buildings of cold hard steel and glass, intercepting and interfering with the natural order of things.

All the things that the creation of the earth has naturally provided for us, just in being the Earth itself here in abundance. Things to eat, things to see, things to build with, things to smell, that when you look at it it doesn't seem to matter much if it was made by some man in the sky with a magic wand who decides who is worthy of what or by science, chemistry and biology, atoms and molecules coming together causing actions and reactions resulting in growth, (not unlike meeting new people sometimes I might add)! Natural process is such a beautiful thing, inside and out!

Instead here the land is used to cultivate more, more ways to benefit humans basic needs, more food for both humans and animals as witnessed in the multitude of big round bales of hay. Just an interesting contrast in cultures across the USA.

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