• Wendy Carey

Relating to an Elephant Journal Post

So as I read this article on Elephant Journal earlier today

lets just say I found it very #relatable. However, I don't feel the need to "date myself" .... Just BE myself. And like her...its not like I can't get a date. I am just quite particular based on common denominators and things I look forward to experiencing with someone who feels like an over all good fit.

And if you've seen the Gillette Commercial lets just say I, as have many women I know, been on the receiving end of such things, which for me, makes me a much more discerning person about who I keep in my company particularily the male variety....the guy pulling the man on the street, who was olging a woman passing by, aside and letting him know that wasn't good behavior actually brought tears to my eyes.

Why? Because I get that shit a lot! Its annoying and nerve wracking. It's not cute and funny, it's distracting and takes me away from my to do list and thoughts in my head while I quickly assess whether its a general annoyance or for cause to go into a store and seek the safety of numbers.

Being on similar/compatible frequency in the form of basic day to day lives and enjoyble activities is important to me... Honestly because I kind of dislike being around lots and lots of people these days..,and thats OK...its even another thing I share with some really amazing women I call friends in life these days....all blessings in their uniquely individual ways! Some are single, some are with the loves of their lives, some are somwhere in the middle and all have love in their hearts. 💗🌞👍😘😇

I am also fortunate to have a few men that are friends and aquaintances around my daily life that I feel I can trust, that helps alot. The best of the best of that list right now is my son Nicholas who is my only son who is presently near by right now and sometimes my Mom guilt makes me feel bad for leaning on him too much. But I get really excited and feel good when he is around. .Apparently he is pretty good at his job and other people feel safe with him too! That means an awful lot to this Mom who somehow said good bye while her kid went off to join the Marines and serve this country.

I must confess, I recently had one of those gushing with motherly pride moments after my friend and I went out on the Spirit of Lauderdale as guests of my son, so when asked to leave a trip advisor review by Steph who was our captain that day, naturally I did so with pleasure. I also saw so many positive reviews about all the staff, including my son, I couldn't help but smile and think...dangI am pround of this kid even though he's 26! It also served as a reminder that my present job isn't for me anymore. I am ready to be in the business of bringing joy and happiness again and often tell people how happy I am that my son sort of did a 180 degree turn in careers, from a protecter of life, liberty and freedom in the United States Marines to a mate and then captain aboard a vessel that has everyones happiness AND safety in mind on a daily basis.

To give a nod to other positive men I intereact with fairly regularly....There are a couple that are roommates in a shared livng situation, and my co worker who has become like family over the last few years. The little things can mean so much to a single woman these days.

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