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Recap of Lunar Eclipse January 31, 2018

Grateful to have seen this today article on the internet by Nasa today!

The time lapse photography is amazing and served as a fabulous reminder of seeing it with my own eyes right in the middle of a really nervous and exciting time lapse coming full circle for my family also!

I was aboard a Southwest Airlines flight originating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida with the destination of Norfolk, Virginia and on my way to a long awaited reunion with my daughter who I hadn't seen in 12 years.

Of course I was nervous also. We'd been cautiously, optimistically re learning each other through the internet off and on over the last few years and the moment had finally come where it seemed the stars had aligned and the universe came together and we were both ready so see each other face to face for the first time in over a decade.

Her and I had discussed the idea of watching the eclipse together after my arrival that evening. Well, it turns out the eclipse was actually taking place while I was on board Southwest Airlines heading up the eastern seaboard in the early morning.

The flight was only about half full and it was pretty neat when the captain came on the speaker and made the announcement that if we liked we were free to move about the cabin and take a look at the lunar eclipse taking place outside the window. A fellow passenger commented that it was almost as if we were all supposed to be on that particular flight that particular day. I had wondered that a bit myself!

On the other side of the plane the sun could be seen rising at the same time!

It was one of those out of the world feelings of being in the perfect place at just the right moment, magical even!

The trip was amazing and although it was particularly cold up there in Virginia, served to break the ice for her to take her first solo visit to Florida a few months later, just after her 21st birthday to spend more time together and reunite with her half brothers and some friends of our family! We are presently in the planning stages of her next visit!

Anneka, Nick, Chris and Me...thats Gina in the yellow shirt in the background

Nick, Anneka, Family friend Virginia and Myself

Myself, Nick and Anneka

Nick, Chris and Family Friend Carl

Photo by Teajay Photo

Aboard the Spirit of Lauderdale

Anneka and Chris

One heck of a happy Mom, Anneka and Chris

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