• Wendy Carey

Know Your Limitations from today's The Daily Om

This is pretty spot on in my world today. 

So far today I've dealt with a child with severe bug bites, (what was a kid doing here anyway)? Apparently the owner needs to hire a company to deal with the issue. However, from previous experience I doubt he will. Its probably not worth the breath to even try to tell him at all. Somehow he will blame the office staff. 

A guest who we have bent over backwards to accomodate including contact his family rather than throw him out because he seemed like he wasn't very well has informed me that he can be the sweetest person or my worst night mare.  

There was a verbal altercation in the laundry room and a scuffle he was involved in that also.

Then a homicide detective stopped by to see if one of his witnesses was here. 

I called my co worker to ask them to hurry up and get here joking that I've already cried once and our combined positive energy would help, truly I just feel safer when he is here. 

I also believe there are many more woman than we may ever know working in unhealthy conditions with a smile on their face, being positive, and doing whatever it takes to pay the bills even if it put them at risk... Its just not talked about for fear of losing job, because if was so easy to find one in the first place they wouldn't be taking so much shit in the workplace. 

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