• Wendy Carey

Introduction to Estatic Dance

So yesterday began with a sluggish climb off out from under the purple fuzzy blanket and up, off the couch. Somewhat dazed and confused from 4 days on the cement, my back and legs protesting with various aches and pains I carried forth and put the coffee on.

A a couple hours went by and my friend and I arrived at Estatic Dance at Jai Star Studios in Lake Worth Florida.

Random thoughts and feelings that passed effortlessly through my mind while I was moving....

Whoa, this is the next thing I should take lessons and get certified in,

I've totally been doing this in some way, shape or form already for most of my entire life as seen here:

Oh yeah, Amandine, my reiki master and I discussed my need to begin dancing again,

Oh yeah, this is when I feel most alive, oh yeah, this is my favorite stress relief, even if I only do it a few minutes everyday,

Oh yeah., there was a time when I wasn't soooooo tired and completely drained.....lets remember the steps to take to get to that point again.....

Oh yeah, reflect upon when I felt the happiest and do more of those things again....

Trust the process things will fall into place.

Breathe, remember to breath, yes, you've been doing that again lately.....

shake up the routine, and the body and all will be well!

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