• Wendy Carey

Time Traveling this Morning

So thus far today I have arisen, consumed coffee, nibbled on cliff bar, a updated my colleague in regards to general shenangins going on at the place where we both are employed babysitting grown adults. Ok, so technically our title isn't babysitters, that being said, (insert extreme eye roll ) it absolutely feels like chasing around a herd of 2 years olds having a variety of melt downs and tantrums on any given day.

So anyway, today I decided to watch my own playlist on youtube titled " Let's Dance and Lip Sync". You may watch it in its entirity here:

This was a continuation of exploring my exit strategty from the job which presently devours my mind, body and soul on a regular basis. I am looking back at the times where I felt I lived more in balance as motivation for making little tweaks here and there to improve my over all well being and become more focused on what feels right to me.

So, I just took a break from writing for a minute, see, you'd never know that if I didn't tell you, heck, why not? I wandered outside for a bit of queit and fresh air, and in the process I decided to water the plants. Personally, I find doing things like that therapeutic. Then I petted Optimus and Chino who'd happily let me pet them all day.

So anyway, I did this character for a bit, called Cosmic Anonymous. The entire concept was to be ridiculous, laugh, and to share opportunity with willing participants to step out of thier own box a little and encourage a bit of fun in the seriousness of todays world.

Here's a little video in the home gallery of Cenigma, an artist in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

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