• Wendy Carey

Turns Out, I'm Still in Here Somewhere

So, today was my 4th day off in a row from my low paying overly stressful job. I feel better. More like myself.

I woke up ready to create! For the first time in feels exciting and invigorating......also I learned something. I learned that it takes at least one whole day just to recover from the city chaos, and that's ok! It takes 2 more to do the standard chores intermingled with letting the creative juices flow and a bunch of nature and on the 4th day......I'm into my own personal flow style where things just come together with ease and I feel at optimal productivity. I also learned that days and days in a row of

That being said, I have to go back to the cement tomorrow for a period of time.

I have planned an activity for Friday to get me OFF THE CEMENT for a bit to break up the energectic monontony.


Positive Self Talk Voice in My Head:

Things are coming together splendidly.

Thank goodness those flip flops you decided to but are helping with the sciatica and lower back pain.

Got snacks prepared for the duration.

Plenty of website posts go out and enjoy yourself and take something new in.

Poof. I'm on it. No complaints.

Photo by Monica Strømdahl

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