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Random Thoughts Episode 818

I'm just going to start this random thoughts section. The numbers are irrelevent , similar to the television show Whose Line is it Anyway, which by the way I appreciate and enjoy, especially because its "where the points don't matter", the rountines are improvised and the results are generally hilarious.

Which is pretty much just like the the place I go to work in order to recieve money in order to keep a roof over my head, eat and make art and stuff. Anyhow............

So I shit you freaking not, I go searching on youtube to find a clip from the know, to share an opportunity to laugh....and the shortest one happened to be skit where the characters they assigned are Wendy and Peter from Peter Pan.

After they pulled the suprise out of the box the skit sort of lost the humorous momentum for me as it became, in my opinon, awkwardly sexualized by the presumption that a 6 pack is more desirable appearance. Not REALLY.

On another note, I found it rather hilarious, as on occassion I do find myself "playing the role of bitch" whether I want to, am being one, something is my fault.... or not, as you can hear for yourself the audio included by pressing play below:

This is something that I think more women experience in the work place than many people realize.because WE ARE USED TO IT. Women being treated as targets for misplaced aggression seems at times, to be the norm for some people.

Fortunatly for me I have job where I can pretty much say...NOPE not having it here! The dude left after this outburst, so I took a breather...........and THEN......he came back and corned me in the office. That part kind of sucked. I don't enjoy having an angry person that I dont't know from a hole in the ground, inbetween me and the door. The police were then called. He was removed and we moved on to a more peaceful afternoon...AS Seen About 15 minutes later Here:

I'm not scared, I'm just kind of burned out on being the drop zone for other people's drama, bullshit, shenagins, what have can be fairly exhausting at times, know what I mean???

The flip side is that we've been working hard at the place to raise the vibration and make it more enjoyable FOR EVERYONE, and it feels like we are making headway.

Its situations like these that lead me to do the occassional human rights type show, Its also situations like these that drive me toward self employment and who I chose to share my time off from the J O B with, including MYSELF.

Lately I've been putting ME on the list, sititng in nature, relaxing, making it a point to sit or lay down and watch a movie or something......BEFORE I am exhausted for the day.....which I am about to do now. I just ordered dominoes including their fabulous chocolate lave cakes which shall serve as my hot date this evening.

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