• Wendy Carey

Decision & Opportunity

So, some people get the impression that at times I am carefree, free spiritied and make impulsive decisions on a whim and that is incorrect.

The truth is when I make a decision I certainly run with it, that being said "behind the scenes" like inside my head, my heart, my body I actually contemplate for a while.

I let the information trickle in, I process it in bits and pieces then move on to the next part. Sometimes it may be if a friend calls and invites me somewhere and I happen to be availalbe. Sure, why the heck not.

Other times it might take days, weeks or months even. Sometimes, straight up, just got to feel things out.

One thing I have learned that works for me is to not make decsions when I'm extremely tired for any reason. Sleep deprivation, adrenaline and such have prolifict effects on the brain in addition to the body.

Being aware of the process is part of trusting the process as well as ourselves as far as I am concerned.

The Process by Wendy Carey

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