• Wendy Carey

Good Morning, Feeling Refreshed!

So, you know what? This morning I woke up, much more refreshed. Thank you so much to the friends who encouraged and supported me taking a rest. Because believe it or not, sometimes I'm a little rough on myself. I got up this morning, took a wonderful walk, got a cup of coffee, and finished it sitting in my morning spot complete with heart shaped ambience created by my friends daughter. Felt more like myself than I have in weeks or perhaps ages! Not that every day was shitty or anything, because that's not the case at all, some are just a lot harder on the senses and body and sent me into exhaustion I didn't even realize I was in, because you know....adrenaline and sleep deprivation are actual things we experience, as is not eating right, and realizing that is a GOOD THING because then we can take steps to change this situation.

I find myself feeling excited because now being much more well rested I can recognize a few things like how I can put 3 opportunities I have at the moment together potentially as one and thank you to the friends who remind me I am one person, you think I"m doing a great job at balancing things. I also realized I've been working 7 days a week nearly non stop at my job AND in my "off time" for my own business. I'm feeling pretty happy that right now there is a possible way to combine all the good things! Yes, I have to get a few questions answered one by one and the pieces come together, and that is pretty darn normal, none of us know all the answers, we just gotta trust ourselves to do what FEELS right. :)

Ah Ha Moment: I haven't had a shitty attitude, I've just been dealing with a bunch of other people's shitty attitudes from time to time and it's true what they say......That shit is contagious.

Whenever I separate myself from it...guess what I feel fine again. Rounding out a sort of stressful overwhelming week last week with a dude bullying me and having to stand up for myself firing up my fight or flight response sure didn't help.

Personally, I feel its the thing that sent me into adrenaline fatigue......but then it forced me to REST this weekend and remember to put in my afternoon power mediation which I've been skipping for probably. So it is what it is you know a driving force behind creating a life I don't have to rest from and for each and everyone one of us that is different. Finding the balance is in knowing OURSELVES and taking ownership of the choices we make in how we work AND how we play and if a little playfulness and fun can be found in our WORK, EVEN my humble opinion anyway. :)

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