• Wendy Carey

Good News Anyone?

***Technically this was written yesterday and posted on my Facbook Page, I decided to include it here today***

So, I was thinking. All the news seems to be pretty depressing lately and I say seems for a reason, I am pretty sure that we all MUST have some good things going on in life.

Here's some of mine I recovered from sheer exhaustion over the weekend, I had a peaceful place to do so, and feel much better today, I have lunch hours plans with friends on Saturday to look forward to, I am in discussions about an opportunity that has been presented to me that would have me living somewhere I've never been, I am facing some fears and identifying some I didn't even know I had in the process...and YES...THAT IS GOOD.

I will know more Wednesday afternoon about whether I will be flying there to investigate further before saying ya or nay, I have a friend on the ground in that place too. I am also asking myself will it take me further or closer to my ultimate dream goals. I also got invited to visit Brazil by a friend I've known for many years. I have a much-needed reiki appointment on Wednesday to look forward to, ...... So now you're turn what GOOD have you experienced lately or is going on in your life?

Celebrate the little things! Simple pleasures are wonderful!

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