• Wendy Carey

Fairy Godmother Moment

Sooo, I know a lot of people with children younger than mine. 4 out of 5 of the humans I have birthed to this planet are now over the age of 20. Its a new world as a mother and at times I feel like I'm out there alone in unchartered waters so I tend to go with the flow.

That being said, I meet and or know a lot of people with children younger than mine that come in and out of my life through the course of interactions, friendships and stuff and whether I say it or not, in my head rather than just be "My parents friend" or some other adult to make it easier I just look at myself as all of their "Fairy Godmother".

For me and hopefully for them too it keeps it light and fluffy, then again, maybe its the rainbow hair that makes me feel approachable. Regardless, I appreciate it, you know?

Anyway, Yesterday I was brimming with joy when my phone rang and it was one of my fairy of the only ones over 18. He was having some feelings, something terrible had happened and he just didn't care....because all of the sudden after the terrible he was experiencing this thing we call happiness, joy, new experience and new understandings started happening instead and I was among the people he called to share it with and that meant a lot.

Why did it mean a lot? Because I felt like I could relate to what he was experiencing. I was a person that wouldn't try to scare him out of his own happiness and instead, encourage him to embrace it.

We all have well meaning humans who care about us in our lives that'll try and put the fear of death in us to save us from being hurt, advise us to be cautious, often against our own gut feelings that they simply can not feel!! Inadvertantly delaying our own happiness and blocking our personal miracles.

I am grateful I am one who encourages humans its okay to be happy!

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